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Open letter to everyone who still have parent(s).


Dear human being with parents.

Recently, I had a chance to have a depth conversation with someone I know and she opened up to me about his pain that has been haunting her since 2004 after her mother past away. She said:

“As I listen to a pastor in 2004 delivering a Eulogy, I couldn’t stop myself from crying as he said these words “those who use to touch her, will never touch her again

Such statement reminded me of the depth of my relationship with my mother. It was quite hard to accept that you won’t see the person again or even touch him. That intimate relationship you had, its just gone!” [tears]

It is quite a touching story and with her permission,  I was able to share it to everyone as it convey a very significant message and I am certain that it will mean something to someone out there.

I have seen so many people dis respecting their own parents that it gives me a right to inscribe this article. The other day i was in the mall and I could not believe what i saw. Teenagers talking with their mom as if their talking to and idiot or child. I was astonished and I wonder why some people are so ungrateful.

If you’re one of those…let me ask you a simple questions; how do you think you will feel if you lost a chance to say “happy mothers or fathers day” To someone again? If you didn’t had anyone to say it to.

There are some things you take for granted yet they are very important.

Her last words were, “to cut the matters short; respect your parents while you still have them. Life without parents is very hard. When people talk about their parents, you just keep quite as if you didn’t hear anything. Can you imagine that life?”

Respect them while you can still see, touch, and make conversation with them. Life is too short to disrespect your parents.



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