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The Twins Idols Campaign shows our lack of Priorities.


What I am about to say people wont like it but it’s fine.

The campaign for bringing back the idols twins has reached 73 000 likes on Facebook and the number is growing. People are in love with the idols twins and they are talented -that is a fact. I am not by any chance against the twins, I loved them myself however, I understand that this is a competition and anything can happen.

Here is my problem, given the right platform for people to campaign or sign a petitions; they don’t. I will give you a simple illustration: The unemployment rate in South Africa and corruption incidences especially from government officials are ridiculously high yet no one March to the parliament or create a Facebook page against that. I can give 100 examples of issues that affects us on daily basis and make people lives a living hell but we do not stand up and say NO!

Interesting enough is that the needs of the few has outweighed the needs of the many. I recently met a teenager who is a sole breadwinner and support his brothers and sisters because his parents were murdered in cold blood while they were made to watch by criminals. This is a true story. The suspects as he said “were released on bail and they are walking around free while we watch them”. No campaign, no Facebook page, No March, No petition for their bail was handed over. A young girl was ganged raped by guys and they were all released because the so called community was scared to testify even though they have been victims before. Maybe our Justice system is crap, so are we!

Seems like our priorities have shifted from the Ubuntu driven model to self enrichment. How does the coming back of the twins going to change the situation in this country. ooh…maybe I am asking a wrong question, perhaps I should rephrase it. Why is it so important for people to campaign for things that don’t change the needs of the many but are more eager to campaign for the things that change needs of the few.

In the past, there are many people who entered a competition such as Idols and deserve to win but they did not. After 100 auditions, the reality is that only one person(s) will win. Funny enough is that people don’t succeed in such competitions because people whom are supposed to vote for them do not vote most of the time. Not to mention that other candidates might good as well.

I wish you guys all the best in your campaign but deep down in your heart, I want you to ask yourself one question: Is what I am doing a need of the many or the needs of the few. I am sad to see people stand up for such because given the right time to do so, they don’t. Like me or hate me or thumbs down, I will say it like it is. I am not always right but neither am I ignorant.

Again, I am not against the twins, I used it as an illustration yet I have an issue with the way people stood up for it. Why they don’t do the same in other incidents that affects us all, the ones that prohibit us to sleep an night peacefully. The ones that makes our lives a living hell. why?

We constantly claim the government is so bad but I for one think we people are worse.

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