Leadership, where art though?

29 Jul




I wrote this article in reference to an article inscribed by a columnist Khaya Dlanga on the 28th August 2011 titled “South Africa has no leadership” (

The title of Khaya Dlanga article says a lot about what I want to say. Recently, I attended a talk about role models. One of the speakers whom I cannot call to mind his name said “No celebrity should be anyone’s role model… Parents should be the role models.” It was a very sturdy statement that meant something for me and I am convinced that most individuals will appreciate what it denotes. If parents are real models nowadays is another question to ponder on. I know there good parents out there but the real question is how many?

I brought this parent issue in order to contend that leadership commence at home. Kids are what their parents want them to be, their behavior can be always tracked to how they were groomed. Leadership at home is necessary. This could be achieved through good parenting.

Before I move forward, I think it is important to say that I am not a member of any political party at this moment.

What bothers me the most are the emerging leaders or what we call leaders in this country these days. Few months ago, Kenny Kunene publicly admitted on a national television that he is a Casanova. Kenny Kunene, as a businessman that most young people up look to (They shouldn’t) and he is always in a public eye, it would have been better if he was not treating woman like material things.

Funny enough, the same Kunene who was eating Sushi on top of a naked woman is thinking that he can lead South Africa. There is this new political party they call EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) which is led by Julius Malema. This is the same Malema who was found guilty of corruption and he owes millions of tax, his property was auctioned few days ago. Recently, he publicly said that the tender system should be scrapped after he benefited from it. These are the people who want to lead South Africa.  Do we have leaders? Real leaders where art though? We need you! These are just power hungriest and attentions seekers.

Reflect on the following, Zuma was in a rape case few years ago, Bheki Cele was in a corruption case, Zwelinzima Vavi is also in a Rape Case, Julius Malema was in court for corruption charges and hate of speech, recently the Justice and Constitutional Development Minister Jeff Radebe has released the names of police officials convicted of fraud and corruption. The list is countless and all of these people are expected to be in the full front as leaders. It is such a shame!

I am afraid to see what will take place in South Africa soon. What is more shockingly shocking is the fact that more than thousands people are now part of the EFF nonsense! A friend my friend posted on his Facebook wall “Those Who Failed To Obey They Can Not Command.” Someone wants a land for farming yet he cannot even water a tree or plant spinach.

If these people wants to lead us or we call them leaders, I am forced to conclude that we do not have leaders in South Africa. Khaya Dlanga was right. Leaders where art though?


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One response to “Leadership, where art though?

  1. Lwazi

    August 2, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    Thank you,this is an open letter to “South African leaders”


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